Greg Vladimer

Greg Vladimer

Company: Allcyte

Job title: CSO


Dr. Gregory Vladimer is one of the Scientific Co-Founders and CSO of Allcyte, a biotech startup in Vienna, Austria. He received his PhD from the Department of Medicine of the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2013 where he studied inflammasome signaling. Prior to Allcyte, he was a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Giulio Superti-Furga at CeMM, the Center for Molecular Medicine, in Vienna, where he and colleagues began their work on single cell imaging based drug screening and high-content analysis of primary material. Together with a team from the Department of Hematology of the Medical University of Vienna, they spearheaded the use of this technology for the personalized identification of treatments for hematological cancer patients through a prospective clinical trial, as well as several retrospective studies. As an immunologist, a focus has been on using single-cell imaging to map immunomodulatory effects of small molecule drugs and biologics to uncover new IO targets. His work has been supported by an EMBO Long Term Fellowship, an ERC proof of concept grant, WWTF Personalized Medicine grant, and other academic and SME funding. Greg is an advocate for combining many aspects of big-data (genetics, proteomics, functional) to enable “big data translational medicine” and biomarker discovery, through collaborations and public/private research partnerships.

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